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Educating football

A book designed to  help and develop any teachers, leaders, coaches, parents and players

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Educating football

A book designed to  help and develop any teachers, leaders, coaches, parents and players

07860 369694 or

The Forewords - Livermore, Bullard and Stretch

Dave Livermore

A former colleague of the author Steve Sallis and now life long friends. Dave is now assistant manager at Millwall FC. They speak everyday as mates, mentors and critical friends to one another. I think that says it all...

Jimmy Bullard

Bullard the Soccer AM presenter and football funny man has a serious side. The author Steve Sallis has seen it all. The jokes and the tears, the laughter and the pain. Sallis was named as Bullards assistant manager in September 2017 at Leatherhead Fc. Sallis tells his story in chapter one about Bullard the manager

Paul Stretch

Paul Stretch is now lead physical performance coach for Great Britain Hockey. Sallis and Stretch met at Millwall Football Club. Sallis was inspired by Paul's ability to drive physical outcomes for players. Paul would say the same about Steve's ability to do the same from the mental side of the game. A professional relationship quickly turned into a personal one. The rest is history...

About the Author


 Steve Sallis is now privileged to be working with the England u15 National squad, and supports several premier league and football league players with mental conditioning support. He is founder of which specialises in professional athlete mentorship, sport psychology techniques, coach development, business leadership, teacher training and school CPD.

Education and sport is his life. Steve was a former academy footballer for Brighton and Hove Albion FC for 8 years, which ended and led to an education career. Being short-listed for The National Teacher of the Year Award in 2008 was a great honour. Steve was previously a deputy headteacher with responsibility for whole school Teaching & Learning which mainly involved coaching colleagues & adding value to teaching pedagogy.

He qualified as an Advanced Skills Teacher in 2006 and was a local government advisor for behaviour.

Mentoring hundreds of teachers in his career was a passion thus raising attainment through effective teaching & learning strategies, which led to being head hunted to lecture Physical Education at the University of East London as a secondment between 2009-12 to a PGCE cohort. This experience led to lecture at the Institute of Education.

Steve worked in four schools in total & two in special measures over a five year period. Both were successes & graded as "Good" schools within 2/3 years respectively. He completed his Masters Degree in Teaching, Learning, Leadership and Psychology from Kings College London in 2013.

Recently working at the coal face of the professional football industry Steve was heavily involved as academy management at a championship football club ensuring players and coaches fulfill their personal & professional objectives. This included collaboration with playing & coaching staff about how to improve learning, delivery, also supporting staff and players in achieving outstanding outcomes in every facet of their roles.

These experiences have led him to writing this book.

39 Chapters built into six sections


Section 1 - Warm up - Football Foundations - Section 1 looks into the fundamentals of what is required for elite youth performers over eight chapters. These include the talent myth, the 10,000 hours of practice concept, creating winners and difficult footballers

Section 2 - First Half - Teaching Tips - This section of six chapters looks into the nitty gritty of truly effective teaching and learning techniques and the self awareness required to do so. It assesses the growth mindsets of adults, the use of data in schools and performance environments, how to accelerate learning and the best strategies to add value to performance

Section 3 - Half time - Coaching Champions - Section 3 ( 9 chapters) focuses on the details of a coaches persona, the importance of subject knowledge, examines a coaches philosophy and looks into football leadership along with how to improve the mindset of coaches

Section 4 - Second Half - Teamwork Training - This section of six chapters focuses on the importance of resilience on athlete development, behavioural psychology, sport psychology concepts, and looks into the importance group dynamics in terms of cohesion, co-operation, human compatibility and communication in an elite environment context.

Section 5 - The Final Whistle - The Power of Parents - Good and bad. This section of two chapters looks into the parental involvement in a sporting context and how parents can help, but also hinder their children

Section 6 - Extra Time - Section six is the extras... This section of eight chapters relates to the random and quirky nature of life, football, people and society. It examines the elite resilience of a professional players journey, the story of a former professional players happiness about being released from the game, sports scientists in the elite environment but also the importance of well-being and emotional intelligence in a sporting context. The theory of luck in football is also examined, along with the decreasing nature of effective dialogue in society.

Steve Sallis delivering Leadership Training with staff from Liverpool Football Club in the famous Kenny Dalglish stand

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